Kids love the aesthetics of Geckos. Bright colours and strong patterns feature in the orthotic and a bold, friendly logo will have your paediatric patients on board right from the start.

Gecko Orthotics - Technical

Geckos are made with the highest grade of materials – a layer of high quality multiform is laminated on top of a swirl orthotic base. The materials are laminated and vacuum formed together in the same fashion as you would manufacture a vacuum formed custom foot orthotic.

The swirl material is durable, lightweight and vacuum forms very well to achieve the deep heel cups and flanges that Geckos are recognised for. The multiform top cover gives a soft, smooth finish which is gentle for little feet.

Once pressed, the Gecko shells are shaped and finished by hand. Whilst this is a labour-intensive means of manufacturing, it gives you the ability to easily modify Geckos in your clinic, unlike other methods of producing prefabricated orthotics. It also means that two great materials can be used in combination, rather than being limited to one material which has to try to serve as both the top cover and shell material.

If you’re a podiatrist, paediatric physiotherapist or other health practitioner working with children, click here to order.


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