Geckos were designed to address the specific problems associated with gait abnormalities that result from paediatric hypermobile flat foot and other developmental issues.

Gecko Orthotics - Features

  • High calcaneal inclination angle – Geckos have a high inclination angle from the calcaneus to the navicular. This feature assists in providing good rearfoot to midfoot stability.

  • Deep heel cups – Geckos have very deep heel cups. This combined with the anatomical shape of the heel cup is designed to stabilise the rearfoot.

  • Midfoot strength – Geckos have a high medial arch contour that is made extra strong by the increased shell bulk provided in this area. This helps to resist pronation forces particularly in the midfoot without compromising shoe fit.

  • Deep medial and lateral flanges – The high medial and lateral flanges of Geckos combine well with the deep heel cups to produce a device that is designed to encompass the foot. There are both physical and proprioceptive benefits from this design.

  • Flat forefoot – Geckos taper to a flat distal edge, designed to finish just proximal to the metatarsal heads. This allows for normal forefoot development.

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